About us

Steve Robinson is an award-winning glass artist and designer.


Steve Robinson glass enhances homes, commercial settings and public spaces. Each piece of kiln-formed art is unique and created using specialised techniques of enamel powdering to hand-colour the raw material, and blending shades. High temperatures fuse layers of colours and shapes together, building textures and patterns.


The natural environment is our constant influence. The propensity of glass to transmit light in architectural settings delivers powerful, captivating results; art which is innately beautiful and functional, striking and sympathetic, pure and nurtured.

We’re driven by the opportunities we see to incorporate glasswork into built environments. Our passion is in interpreting the architectural brief, harnessing the raw potential of glass, and crafting installations, which promote space. 


We take pride in the quality and appeal of our glasswork and in our service delivery. Communication, flexibility and efficiency are intrinsic to our relationships with clients.

Please do contact us with any questions or to discuss any of your glass art requirements.